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The eyes have it, Brad Wilson

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I’m going to starve the yeast inside my body and heal myself once and for all. Will get my gut flora back on track! And that essentially means regular meals - primarily meat (what I fancy and can stomach to eat - that’s safe, at least), probiotics, vegetables, berries, mushrooms… I just have to go primal for a long while  - cause my body is not very accepting of legumes, nuts, soy ++ I’ve come to believe. At least not very high doses of carbohydrates and fiber. I can’t force my system to be vegetarian against it’s will…  I may have IBS, chrohns… It’s uncomfortable.

I’ll think it’ll work out - that’s what matters :)

No alcohol for me. And going to limit stress.


Words of Emotion

Auch. I dropped my cellphone into the bathtub… Ah, I’ll have to get a new one… :(


French Lentil Soup with Parsnip and Apple…RECIPE


Normalize fat women’s bodies. Normalize public breastfeeding. Normalize home births and midwives and reproductive autonomy. Normalize body hair on women.
Reject the notion that women are to be regulated and controlled and pressured to conform to societal standards.

“[Clinical Depression is] not really negativity or sadness anymore, it’s more just this detached, meaningless fog where you can’t feel anything about anything — even the things you love, even fun things — and you’re horribly bored and lonely, but since you’ve lost your ability to connect with any of the things that would normally make you feel less bored and lonely, you’re stuck in the boring, lonely, meaningless void without anything to distract you from how boring, lonely, and meaningless it is.”